Dave Smith

Assistant Professor of Science (Mathematics), Yale-NUS College


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Recent preprints & publications

Accepted The Airy equation with nonlocal conditions

Published The role of periodicity in the solution of third order boundary value problems

Published Fokas Diagonalization

Published Time-periodic linear boundary value problems on a finite interval

Published Linear evolution equations on the half line with dynamic boundary conditions

Published Fokas diagonalization of piecewise constant coefficient linear differential operators on finite intervals and networks

Upcoming talks

Seminar 2023 December 05 Tuesday 15:00
Durham University Analysis and PDE Seminar, Durham, UK

Seminar 2023 December 12 Tuesday 14:00
University of York Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar, York, UK

Seminar 2023 December 13 Wednesday 15:00
University of Edinburgh & Heriot Watt University Joint Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar, Edinburgh, UK


2023 December 01–22 Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

2024 June 3–7 CIRM, Marseille, France

2024 June 24–27 SIAM NWCS24, Baltimore MD, USA


I am an analyst working in the field of partial differential equations. Specifically, I study linear initial boundary value problems and spectral theory of the associated differential operators. I am particularly interested in problems of high spatial order and those with exotic boundary conditions. Understanding the efficacy of the Fokas transform method (unified transform method) has been a major focus of my research. I also study the phenomena of revivals and fractalization that appear in dispersive systems.

My research page contains more information.

Research with undergraduate students

I have an active program of research with undergraduate students at Yale-NUS College. You can find out more at the Unified transform lab website.


I enjoy teaching university level mathematics. I recently taught modules on proof, complex analysus, ordinary and partial differential equations, and applied calculus at Yale-NUS College. At University of Michigan and University of Cincinnati, I taught courses on boundary value problems, calculus & precalculus. At University of Reading, I taught 1st and 2nd year courses on real analysis.

I completed the University of Reading's Teaching & Learning Support Programme, entitling me to Associate Fellowship of the UK Higher Education Academy.